Party Themes For Adults – Top Five Party Themes For Adults

It’s hard to plan a party for an adult, whatever the occasion. A big piñata and lots of cake don’t excite most of us like they used to, and it takes a lot more planning and thinking to entertain a large group of adults. I hope these top five party themes can help you plan your next party.

1. Movies- Movies are an easy way to take entertainment without thinking too much. If your guest of honor and their friends like a particular movie, then it’s appropriate to base your party on that movie. For example, let’s say they are huge Star Wars fans. Find cardboard cutouts of characters and place them throughout your entertainment room. Design a cake after a feeling that everyone can enjoy. You can also find the soundtrack to the show and have it play lightly while you serve drinks and hors doeuvres. Whichever movie you choose, make sure to include as many elements from the movie as possible. Your guests will be thrilled.

2. Games- Some adults like games. Centering a party around games can be a really fun way to get everyone involved. Find out what your guest of honor likes to play, be it board games, obstacle courses, intellectual games, or even physical games. Be sure to let your guests know on the invitation that it’s a game-oriented party. Also, don’t be afraid to ask them to bring their favorite game. Here are just a few game ideas to get you started.

  • Poker
  • monopoly
  • Note
  • trivia
  • Team relays

3. Blast From The Past – Most guests will probably be about the same age as you or your guest of honor. Whether your glory years were in the 60s, 70s, or 80s, a themed party around those years can be a great way to have fun. Add music, food, movies, or games from that decade. Be sure to let your guests know what decade you are celebrating and that they should dress accordingly. You can hold a contest for the best dressed and reward a coveted slinky (for a 70’s party) or a My Little Pony (for an 80’s party).

4. Mardi Gras – It’s no secret that Mardi Gras draws grown-up crowds from all over the country. So why not throw a Mardi Gras party with so much excitement? Send your invitations with Mardi Gras beads or a mask. Find great Mardi Gras music and compete in dance. As long as you make it big and have plenty of food and drink, the party will be a success!

5. Mystery – If you’re on the creative side and your guests love a good intrigue, planning a murder mystery dinner is your theme. Send your guests an elegant dinner invitation. You can even assign them a character to play at night. Would you please give them a brief description and a costume list? The party mainly focuses on dinner so a five-course meal would be very suitable. Enlist some help to serve dinner and keep things running smoothly. Have someone play detective for the party and someone who wants to disappear during the meal. Then let the plot play out as your guests try to figure out which of them could have done such a thing.

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