Halloween party games for adults

Many adults will gather this Halloween to partake in some spectacular spooky fun. If you are planning a Halloween party that will entertain any adults in your area, you must have various exciting games for the occasion. Here, you will know some ideas for entertaining Halloween party games for adults.

Musical Tombstones

Many adults are way past the whole game of “playing chairs”; however, many have fond memories of playing this game. If you’re planning an adult Halloween party, why not put a unique spin on the concept of musical chairs and create a game called musical tombstones? This works on the same theme as musical chairs, but it’s a little more gruesome.

To play this game, you need some kitchen chairs with straight backs. You will also need a paper bag, some paint, fake webbing, and an assortment of Halloween decorations that can be easily attached to the phony webbing. All you have to do is turn the bags upside down to where the opening is at the bottom and decorate the bag to resemble a tombstone. When you’re done decorating the bags, place them over the back of the chair. You can then wrap the fake webbing around the chair and implement the miniature decorations you have purchased.

Once you’re ready to play the game, turn on some scary Halloween music and let the adults move around the seats. When the music stops, everyone has to sit on their “grave” quickly. If you don’t sit, you’re out. Every time you start the music, you have to remove a seat. You might want a bag of adult Halloween candies for the person being named the winner.

Bobbing for spiders

This is a spooky and scary game that adults from all walks of life can enjoy at your Halloween party. This game is very similar to bob for apples; only you have to bob for spiders. You’ll have to buy the plastic or rubber spiders that always hang out in the Halloween aisle at Wal-Mart. This toy must be at least 15 cm. You want to look for the little plastic coffins usually in the same gallery. You will need one that is at least about three feet tall.

When it comes time to play this game, fill the chest with water. You can fill it with slimy Jell-O if you want to get creative. Each of the adults must use only their mouths to try and control one of the spiders. They each have only fifteen seconds to try this. If they fail, they have to step aside. The game continues until all spiders have been removed from the chest. Those who picked up a spider will each get a bag of candy or a host of other treats. The person with the greatest number of spiders retrieved should receive a larger gift for their success.


There are plenty of entertaining Halloween party games for adults. The two ideas listed here are just enough to provide hours of entertainment for the adults attending your party. It’s important to know that Halloween brings out the kid in all of us. You can take kids’ games and put a unique twist on them to appeal to adults. 

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